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Exceptional Talent Solutions.

We deliver executive and board talent, precisely matched to our client's needs, their company culture, and the candidates' aspirations.

We deliver precision, transparency and a complete view of talent 

We link the science of precision-based research with the art of human insight.

Our Services


Frank & The Knowledge Hunters mission is to help our clients identify and secure the exceptional and perfect-fit executive, precisely matched to their needs. 


We deliver a discreet executive search and placement solution which is research-led and evidence-based. 


Our value proposition is to deliver absolute precision in executive search and placement, through the dual sciences of forensic-level evidence-based research, and leading-edge personal competency and cultural fit assessment frameworks. 

We thrive on solving complex and difficult assignments. It is both our expertise and our passion.

Forensic Executive Research™

Evidence-based Executive Search

Market Intelligence Services

Board Director Search

Our Services

Our Key Indicators





placement rate 
of our placements remained employed after 18 months (versus a global average of 64%)*
client NPS score, measuring our clients' satisfaction with our delivery and performance
interviewed candidates NPS score, measuring their satisfaction with our communication, feedback and support 

Last updated: 24th September 2023

*Source: HBR & Society for Human Resource Management

Our Story


Frank & The Knowledge Hunters was founded in 2016, as a result of a company merger between two long-term friends, colleagues and next-generational thinkers who shared similar values and a mutual objective to challenge industry norms. 


Geoff established The Knowledge Hunters in 2003, with the goal of helping executives make informed decisions based on evidence and empirical data. He curates complex, hard-to-find information requests for clients spanning most industry sectors using his Forensic Executive Research™ model.

Howard established Frank in 2014, after observing that the executive search industry, while feeding off the digital revolution, remained stubbornly embedded in its traditional methods and models. It is this reluctance of the market to embrace the full potential of digital innovation that drives Howard’s thinking and philosophy.

In October 2014, Frank and The Knowledge Hunters entered an exclusive relationship and partnership, culminating in a full merger in 2016.

Frank & The Knowledge Hunters' proprietary and proven model delivers the one key goal our clients want: Precision

Our Story

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Our Head Office

Frank & The Knowledge Hunters head office is in Auckland, New Zealand. To discuss our evidence-based executive or board director search solutions, please contact any of our consultants: 


Howard Ross: 

Phone: +64 274 432 520


Ruth Clavis:

Phone: +64 21 990 193

Leigh Peters:

Phone: +64 22 035 4066

Joanne Ashby:

Phone: +64 21 860 444


To discuss our Forensic Executive Research service or a market intelligence request, please contact Geoff McDowell:


Geoff McDowell:

Phone: +64 275 994 020


For general enquiries, please contact our Head Office

Level 2, Vulcan Buildings, 1 Vulcan Lane

Auckland Central, Auckland 1010

Phone: +64 9 358 1820

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