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Forensic Executive Research™


Forensic Executive Research™ Definition: A forensic-level analysis of the market to identify talent, matched against analytically identified competencies, validated by evidence and empirical data.


We are evidence-based executive search specialists, using digital solutions and a proven methodical research process that transparently identifies the universe of talent for complex roles. We call this “Forensic Executive Research™.

Our Forensic Executive Research™ model involves meticulous attention to detail including proprietary diagnostic processes, advanced search techniques, and access to reputable aggregators, further overlaid with market intelligence, search & reporting disciplines.


Frank & The Knowledge Hunters offer you a comprehensive and deep analysis of the market. We will ensure you are choosing the right people with the appropriate level of commercial knowledge, technical expertise, stakeholder relationships, and leadership capability you require.

Our process equips you to make decisions based on evidence. 

Contact Geoff McDowell to learn more.

 Executive Research

We believe that only qualified Information Professionals can competently navigate and analyse the deluge of available information. 

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