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Every week we keep our valued clients, advisors and brand ambassadors up-to-date with the latest trends shaping Executive Talent Acquisition. The following is a taste of the type of articles we share. If you wish to be part of our private collaborative community, please contact Geoff. 

Talent Intelligence

Frank & The Knowledge Hunters appoints new consulting partner

Source: NBR. June 20, 2018

Frank & The Knowledge Hunters are delighted to announce the appointment of Ruth Clavis as consulting partner with effect from June 14.

Big Economic Boost From More Women Leaders

Source: December 5, 2017

Getting more women into leadership roles could boost the economy by almost $900 million, according to new research commissioned by Westpac. The research, conducted for Westpac by Deloitte, shows women hold just 29% of management roles in New Zealand businesses and increasing this to 50% could grow the economy by $881 million.

This Chart Reveals Where AI Will Impact Recruiting (and What Skills Make Recruiters Irreplaceable)

Source: LinkedIn Talent Blog. November 16, 2017

LinkedIn’s CEO Jeff Weiner recently predicted that the most important trends impacting the future of work are - AI and automation, the skills gap, and the rise of independent work.​

FTSE 100 Banking and Finance Companies Increase Gender and Ethnic Diversity at Board Level

Source: Fintech Finance. November 1, 2017

A new study from Green Park shows the leadership pipeline, supplying the highest tier of management in FTSE 100 banking and finance companies, features the highest level of ethnic minority talent in four years. The pipeline now includes 15% of professionals with a non-white background compared with 5% of leadership pipelines for FTSE 100 companies overall and 6.5% in 2014.​

Number of senior women in Britain's boardrooms unchanged in 10 years

Source: theguardian. November 9, 2017

Proportion of women in influential non-executive roles is just 8%, compared with 6% a decade ago, according to Cranfield School of Management.

Deloitte's Bersin Finds Effective Use of People Analytics Is Strongly Related to Improved Talent and Business Outcomes

Source: CISION PR Newswire. November 13, 2017

New research by Deloitte Consulting LLP's Bersin shows that people analytics, the use of employee data to help optimize business and management decisions, is strongly related to improved talent outcomes and an organization's profitability.

How These Companies Are Empowering Candidates and Improving Their Experience

Source: LinkedIn Talent Blog. November 7, 2017

Even when you do your best, the reality is that you cant keep every candidate constantly updated on where they stand in the interview process. Inevitably, there are gaps where the candidate is left biting their nails...To keep this from happening, some companies are experimenting with ways to use things like chatbots, online platforms, and other technologies to keep candidates more engaged and informed throughtout the hiring process and improve the candidate experience. 

Little change to proportion of women in tech and telco workforce, WGEA data reveals

Source: Computerworld, from IDG. November 17, 2017

There has been little change to the proportion of female employees at Australia’s technology and telecommunications companies, although the gender pay gap is trending down, according to new data released today by the Workplace Gender Equality Agency.

How GoDaddy Increased Diversity at Every Level by Transforming Its Employee Evaluations

Source: LinkedIn Talent Blog. November 6, 2017

GoDaddy had a lot to be proud of. In just a few years, it had reinvented its brand —gone were the racy commercials that had turned women away. In fact, the company has become an industry leader for hiring women in tech roles — by 2015, more than a third (39%) of all engineering interns and new graduate hires were women.


Source: LIGHTHOUSE research & advisory. November 6, 2017

Candidate experience is on everyone’s lips these days, but the discussion is rare when companies actually ask candidates what they want and attempt to provide it. In our latest research study on Video and the Candidate Experience, we looked not just at how companies are using video but also at how candidates want to consume and interact with video in the hiring process.

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