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Board Director Search


The prudent selection of a Director is crucial to the success of any board.


A board composed of the right balance of skills, experience, and diversity is critical in navigating fiduciary responsibilities and adeptly guiding a company into the future.

​​​Digital footprints, the wealth of intelligence that exists within the deep web, and the expertise of our research team to locate it, now provides stakeholders a unique opportunity to conduct deeper and richer due-diligence

​Frank & The Knowledge Hunters offer you a comprehensive and deep analysis of the market. We will ensure you are choosing between the right people with the appropriate level of commercial and technical expertise or knowledge, stakeholder relationships, and depth of governance you require.


You can take comfort that our forensic-level evidence-based analysis backs up every decision​.

FrankTKH and the Superdiversity Institute

Our model, focusing on precision, evidence-based research, and meticulous attention to detail is perfectly suited to the modern-day Director search.  We seek to discover exceptional Directors who meet the cultural, skills and experience considerations, but who also bring the diversity of thought needed to help guide companies into the future.

We see Board diversity as being achieved when Boards have a balance and mix of skills, knowledge, experience, and a range of diversity dimensions, to foster constructive debate and avoid groupthink within the Boardroom. 

In launching our Director Search offering, we have aligned ourselves with Mai Chen and the Superdiversity Institute.  In our independent research into what Boards are seeking, the critical finding is that diversity of thought is a ‘must-have’.  This is emphatically aligned with the kaupapa that Mai and the Superdiversity institute is fostering.

We are excited to be working with Mai, her team and the Superdiversity Institute to help achieve the ‘diversity dividend’ goal, in this case through the promotion of diversity in the Boardroom by searching for and supporting the appointment of Directors with an innate ability to think differently.

Contact: Howard Ross, Ruth Clavis or Andrew Steele to discuss our Board Director Search offering.

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