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Board Director Search

We deliver precision in director search.

In 2022, we conducted independent research into what Boards are seeking. The critical finding, among many other important considerations, is that diversity of thought is a ‘must-have’. Our research delivered a resounding message: Board chairs are demanding the search for directors to be objective, rigorous, data-driven, and for boards to move away from the known.

“You exceeded expectations for the recruitment process, very detailed and care considered when selecting and managing prospective applicants and the customer”

More Rigour


Board Chairs are looking for a transparent, rigorous and objective approach to searching for Directors.



There is a recognition that Boards need to move away from the ‘old boys & girls’ network’ to a more rigorous, robust & data-driven approach.

Culture Fit


Cultural fit of any candidate is important and is a ‘must have’ when searching for Board members.



Thought / voice diversity is a key theme when replacing Board members. There is a desire to move away from just gender and to consider diversity of backgrounds, experience, culture, ethnicity, race and age.

Process & Research


It is important to demonstrate that the research process for Directors is rigorous and that deep research has been conducted into the relevant global talent pools.

Our Model & Solution

Our forensic research capability and model, focusing on precision, evidence-based research, and meticulous attention to detail, is perfectly suited to the modern-day, personalised, data-driven director search experience.

Our approach, based on data and evidence-based thinking, delivers immense value to Boards.

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Get in Touch


Howard Ross leads our professional Board Director Search team. Having worked in the executive recruitment and search industry since 1995, Howard has significant experience in placing senior management positions within the New Zealand business sector.

Contact Howard for a discussion about your needs. 


Phone: +64 274 432 520

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