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Business information intelligence

Business Information Intelligence

When hard-to-find business information is a stumbling block.

We offer a bespoke service locating hard-to-find business information and market intelligence.

We offer an independent business information research service targeting authoritative and often difficult-to-identify sources of information, digging deeper, to provide quality information and valuable insights.

Our team of expert-level researchers and information professionals have MLIS (Masters, Library and Information Studies) qualifications, and have honed their skills through roles in executive search, corporate research and information services.

We have the skills and knowledge to locate hard-to-find business information and market intelligence.

We thrive on quickly solving complex and difficult questions, projects or assignments.

"We chose them because of their forensic approach to research. Their transparent  and collaborative approach was a real bonus, and they offer something new in a very traditional industry."


Get in Touch


Geoff McDowell leads our Business Information Intelligence services. Geoff has extensive commercial experience across multiple corporate, public and private companies. 

Contact Geoff for a discussion about your needs. 


Phone: +64 275 994 020

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