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Fractional & Interim Executive Talent

We deliver precision and pace in the search for fractional or interim independent professionals.

You are exploring the possibility of using specialist executive talent on a short term or project basis.

Globally, companies are seeking interim, independent, professionals at all leadership levels, and across all functions of an organisation at an ever-increasing rate, up 59% by one of the major global providers.

The business requirements for interim executives vary; unexpected market pressures, understanding or incorporating new technologies, resignations, parental leave, re-evaluation of business models, planned transformation, organisational change, restructures, or launching new products or services.

At FrankTKH, our evidence-based model is best suited where precision and best-in-class individuals are required, and where the impact in not having the right person becomes materially significant.

We incorporate the same level of assessment and robustness as we would for an executive search role.

“Excellent process, excellent communications, excellent final candidates. Insightful (and accurate) analysis of all candidates."


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Hamish McCombie leads our Fraction & Interim Executive Search function. Having worked in the international executive recruitment and search industry for over 30 years, Hamish brings a wealth of  knowledge in the search and placement of the fractional & Interim contractors, as well as senior executive search and placement. 

Contact Hamish for a discussion about your needs. 


Phone: +64 273 553 777

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