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Evidence-based Executive Search


Led by Howard Ross, our professional Executive Search team work closely with you to deliver absolute precision in executive search and placement through the dual sciences of forensic-level evidence-based research, and leading-edge personal competency & cultural fit assessment frameworks.

Digital footprints, the wealth of intelligence that exists within the deep web, and the expertise of our research team to locate it, provides stakeholders with the opportunity to conduct deeper and richer due-diligence on the senior talent in the market.

Our Talent Acquisition model, including a custom-designed personal competency and cultural fit assessment framework to assess the candidate’s aspirations, their affinity for the role, and their cultural fit in line with your core values and the specific outcomes you want the position to achieve.

Our proprietary and proven model delivers the key goal our clients want: Precision

Contact Howard Ross or Ruth Clavis to discuss our Evidence-based Executive Search offering.

Executive Search
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