Market Intelligence Services

What is our expertise? 

We have the skills and knowledge to locate hard-to-find business information. 


Whether it is to find potential partners or agents in international markets, validate the accuracy of your competitor landscape analysis, complete current awareness market studies, examine market trends or innovation that could impact your business, or locate key market participants within chosen sectors, we have the capacity, the resources and the competence to quickly turn around any request. 

Our team of information professionals
We have a team of search experts and information professionals who bring significant and broad commercial experience to every assignment. Together, we have successfully traversed hundreds of requests across a myriad of subjects and sectors.

Why should you choose us?
Research is a science, not a universal skill, and requires tertiary-level training and competence to deliver a result commensurate with the importance of the task or project.  We offer an independent, unbiased professional research service. We locate information for a living, and our team of information professionals locate business critical information every single day to underpin our executive search offering. 


‘Information is free’, why should we commission Frank TKH? 
What is the cost of making the wrong decision due to incomplete, outdated or false information? A quick search of the internet is free. What we offer is targeting authoritative and often difficult-to-identify sources of information, digging deeper, to provide quality information and valuable insights.

How do we charge? 
The cost for completing bespoke research assignments will be based upon search complexity and scope.


Contact Geoff to discuss our market intelligence service.

We thrive on quickly solving complex and difficult assignments. It is both our expertise and our passion.

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