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Market Intelligence Services

Headed up by Geoffrey McDowell, The Knowledge Hunters team of Search and Information Professionals are one of New Zealand's foremost Market Intelligence authorities.

Our research expertise is balanced with significant and broad commercial experience. We have established proprietary systems and processes, including diagnostics and a unique database repository of authoritative knowledge gateway sources.

We thrive on solving complex and difficult assignments. It is both our expertise and our passion.

Market Intelligence Services

Since 2003 we have helped a wide range of clients uncover a variety of time-sensitive intelligence. Whilst we are the team behind the science of Forensic Executive Research™, we also employ our research expertise to deliver bespoke market intelligence services in sectors far removed from the talent space.

Global Expert & Influencer Locator Service 

We will locate renowned subject-specific experts and key market influencers to assist with legal, strategic or advisory deliberations in any sector. We are skilled at tracking down individuals who are recognised for leadership and influence in their field.

Market Opportunity Due-Diligence Analysis

Prior to undertaking expensive validation studies or investment in an early-stage emerging firm, a market opportunity due-diligence can be invaluable. We help you discretely gauge the size of a given market opportunity, source primary market participants, analyse market trends, identify the best channels to market, and locate key market influencers, commentators  and subject-specialist patent search professionals to verify any FTO (Freedom-to-Operate) concerns.

Trend & Insights Intelligence Briefings

Our research team source and deliver you curated, personalised content via an online magazine. We act as an intelligence concierge service, providing you with on-point trend and best-practice knowledge to keep you fully informed and at the top of your game.

See our Global Talent Intelligence example. 

Contact Geoff to discuss our Marketing Intelligence offerings.