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Geoffrey McDowell

Geoffrey McDowell


Geoff has extensive commercial experience across multiple corporate, public and private companies. He has held Senior Executive roles with Mobil Oil New Zealand, Broadcast Communications (Kordia), America’s Cup Village 2000 and New Zealand Couriers, and has a former life as a Stock and Station Agent in Southland, a period that he remembers fondly and proudly.

Over the years he has increasingly observed the myriad lost opportunities, and precious time, wrought from the lack of research and evaluation skills in the business world. He realised the immense value in hiring professional librarians who had access to quality information and research skills that would save enormous time and resources, and access untapped opportunities.


In 2003, Geoff founded The Knowledge Hunters with the goal of using evidence-based research to help decision-makers make informed judgements when confronted with market challenges or talent acquisition choices. He employed Information Professionals from the outset and has a dedicated research team, skilled in search strategy and information retrieval. 

Geoff's passions and drivers are his family, a genuine desire to help people make informed decisions, his research team, a sense of southern loyalty and The Highlanders!


phone: +64 275 994 020

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