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Rachel Evans

Head of Research

Rachel is an expert-level researcher and information professional with skills developed through roles in executive search, corporate research and information services (business, finance, health, pharmaceuticals) and in academic and special libraries.

Rachel has a Masters of Library and Information Studies (MLIS) with distinction from Victoria University. Rachel’s passion is for how research and information can be used to make better  business decisions and she confesses to a love of a well-crafted Boolean string. 

Having worked in the corporate, private, public and NFP sectors, Rachel has a solid understanding of commercial environments plus the New Zealand organisational landscape. 

An ability to bring critical thinking to the hardest search challenges, Rachel has a rare combination of strategic thinking and attention to detail. 

Always seeking to bring clarity to complex issues, she is astute at asking the right questions, locating and filtering information to find the signal within the noise, and extracting the insights that matter.

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